$1 Million dollar flight out of North Carolina

Gabriel- November 13, 2020

I've read that something like 90% of wine is drunk within 15 minutes of being purchased.

I feel like the same can be said for scratch tickets. I mean, I've seen guys start scratching before the cashier has even finished ringing them up! 

So...how long do you usually wait to scratch? Do you ever just throw your tickets in your bag and, uh, forget?


A gent from Creswell, North Carolina bought a ticket, neglected to scratch it, boarded a plane to Denver and forgot all about it.

At some point in his trip he remembered that ticket...scratched...and now he's got $1 Million reasons to head back to North Carolina.

What's the longest you've waited to scratch a ticket?

The big prize was won on Red Hot Riches

Still a few prizes left in that hot game!

Man takes plane home with $1M lottery ticket in his pocket | A North Carolina man said he forgot about the scratch-off lottery tickets he bought before a trip to Colorado and ended up flying home with a $1 million winner in his pocket.
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