Cash Extravaganza is no joke in MO

Ben- February 14, 2019

In the last few weeks, we at ScratcherJack added the state of Missouri to our app. We've been collecting information on scratch tickets in MO for the better part of two years, but needed to polish off the information before taking it live. We're based in New England, but what we found had us scrambling for our car keys with a plan to head west.

Applying ScratcherJack's algorithm to $5,000,000 CASH EXTRAVAGANZA, game #771 in the fine state of Missouri, we're seeing a better than $8 average return for each ticket. Since it's a $20 game, if you bought enough of these suckers, you'd be getting back almost $30 per.

This is startling by itself, but what's craziest is those top prizes. Two out of three $5 million jackpots left? We did the math for you, and your chance of hitting the big money is about 1 in 400,000. Yeah, I know you're thinking: those odds suck. Wrong! Check your wallet and find your last Powerball ticket, you know the one with the odds around 1 in 300 million?

Want to hit it big in MO? Go find yourself some $5,000,000 CASH EXTRAVAGANZA scratchers. Buy ten. Get yourself a chance at the big one. And, rumor has it this is a tough ticket to find on the racks at Rhodes 101 Stops. Email us if you've got some background info!

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