Washington State Lottery

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Scratch Games in Washington

Game NameTicket CostTop PrizeTop Prizes RemainingTotal Prize $ Remaining% Sold
$12 MILLION CASH BLOWOUT$10$1002751 of 71686$487,85096%
$15 MILLION CASH BLOWOUT$10$10020157 of 88976$3,536,15077%
$250,000 LOTERIA$10$250,0003 of 3$13,848,49015%
$50,000 COUNT UP CASH$5$50,0004 of 4$6,099,99518%
$500,000 JACKPOT MULTIPLIER$20$500,0001 of 5$1,843,81594%
$75,000 CASHTASTIC$5$75,0000 of 4$511,72092%
5 STAR CROSSWORD$5$50,0000 of 4$827,25590%
5X CROSSWORD$3$30,0003 of 5$1,825,17163%
777$1$7,0000 of 4$255,50481%
925$1$5,0000 of 4$292,60879%
9S IN A LINE$1$99915 of 20$1,232,89616%
BAGS OF MONEY$1$5,0000 of 4$329,89376%
BEST OF 7'S$10$200,0002 of 3$1,805,90558%
BLACK ICE$30$2,000,0000 of 3$2,388,72097%
BONUS BREAK THE BANK$5$50,0000 of 4$1,826,63573%
BONUS MONEY$10$250,0000 of 3$2,337,27083%
BRAIN GAMES$1$1,3004 of 4$306,73659%
BUBBLE BINGO$2$20,0003 of 8$5,821,11156%
CA$H MATCH$1$5,0002 of 4$294,66579%
CA$HTASTIC$10$250,0000 of 3$2,385,60587%
CASCADE OF CASH$5$75,0001 of 4$3,622,58055%
CASH ON THE COB$1$5,0002 of 4$827,34744%
CASH OVERLOAD$5$50,0002 of 4$561,33592%
CASH SPLASH$1$5,0001 of 4$306,64178%
CORNER PAYOUT$2$20,0002 of 4$523,82885%
DECADE OF DOLLARS$20$150,0003 of 4$34,427,3306%
DELUXE$20$50,0005 of 5$33,166,9256%
DIAMOND SLINGO$3$30,0000 of 6$864,53286%
EXTREME CASH$30$10,000108 of 280$13,053,48069%
EXTREME NUMBERS$5$50,0002 of 4$668,72591%
FANTASTIC FRENZY$10$200,0001 of 3$636,74587%
GOLDEN CASINO$10$250,0001 of 3$2,432,81088%
GOLDEN SLINGO$3$30,0002 of 6$2,262,41668%
HAPPY HOLIDAYS$20$500,0003 of 3$11,518,4350%
JACKPOT FORTUNE$30$2,000,0001 of 3$4,209,28096%
LION'S SHARE$30$80,0003 of 3$63,795,37013%
LOTERIA$2$20,0000 of 5$1,297,74480%
LOTERIA$2$20,0000 of 5$624,20889%
LOTERIA 23RD EDITION$2$20,0004 of 5$5,138,79426%
LOTERIA GRANDE$5$50,0000 of 4$611,74093%
LOTERIA GRANDE$5$50,0000 of 4$689,59592%
LOTERIA GRANDE$5$50,0002 of 4$7,944,10527%
LUCKY 7'S$1$5,0003 of 4$1,199,97519%
LUCKY CLOVER CROSSWORD$5$50,0002 of 4$5,726,26045%
LUCKY LION CROSSWORD$2$20,0000 of 4$701,60787%
LUCKY LOOT$10$200,0001 of 3$738,89584%
LUCKY ROLL$1$5,0000 of 4$262,68181%
MONEY$20$500,0000 of 5$1,624,65093%
MONEY SPINNER$5$50,0001 of 4$2,101,37071%
MONSTER MONEY$5$50,0003 of 4$2,800,85548%
OH, SNAP$1$5,0003 of 3$1,096,2750%
PLINKO$5$50,0001 of 4$431,84593%
PLUS THE MONEY!$10$250,0000 of 3$1,347,95090%
POLKA DOT CROSSWORD$3$30,0000 of 5$653,62985%
PUZZLE PAYOUT$5$50,0002 of 4$4,146,57043%
RED HOT & BLUE$1$5,0001 of 4$370,45073%
RED HOT RICHES$5$50,0002 of 4$3,794,60045%
SEATTLE KRAKEN$5$50,0004 of 4$5,492,6809%
SEATTLE SEAHAWKS$5$50,0003 of 4$2,168,19054%
SIR CASH-A-LOT$1$5,0001 of 3$430,00070%
SOCK IT 2 ME!$1$5,0000 of 4$356,53174%
SPICY CROSSWORD TRIPLER$3$30,0000 of 5$542,50486%
SPICY HOT 7S$5$75,0000 of 4$1,441,05079%
STINKIN' RICH CROSSWORD$2$20,0002 of 4$1,525,75175%
TREE-MENDOUS WINNINGS$1$5,0003 of 3$1,104,1550%
TRIP 7s$2$17,7772 of 4$979,48874%
TRIPLE FORTUNE DRAGON$5$50,0006 of 12$12,774,31042%
TRIPLE PLAY (SKEE-BALL,POP-A-S$10$200,0001 of 3$3,738,06572%
TRIPLE TRIPLER$1$5,0002 of 4$229,89484%
TWELVE ELVES$5$50,0004 of 4$4,239,3801%
TWISTED TREASURES$5$50,0000 of 4$820,44087%
WA MILLIONAIRE'S CLUB$20$50,0000 of 5$875,29097%
YEAR OF THE OX$1$2,0001 of 3$175,72869%

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