District of Columbia State Lottery

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Scratch Games in District of Columbia

Game NameTicket CostTop PrizeTop Prizes RemainingTotal Prize $ Remaining% Sold
$1,000 Jackpot$1$1,0007 of 10$228,15137%
$1,000 Loaded$1$1,000710 of 1101$1,716,04037%
$10 Million Cash Extravaganza$30$680,0001 of 3$3,475,63067%
$100 Win$2$100637 of 1277$230,80248%
$100,000 Jackpot$10$100,0001 of 2$1,073,55040%
$20 Roaring Cash$20$250,0001 of 3$1,373,49064%
$5,000 Frenzy$20$5,00040 of 120$1,222,49068%
$5,000 Overload $5$5,0000 of 24$48,71595%
$50,000 Jackpot$5$50,0002 of 3$762,87541%
100X$10$100,0000 of 2$27,57098%
2 For The Money$1$1,0002 of 4$89,05658%
2020$1$2,0201 of 5$59,23982%
20X$2$5,0000 of 3$18,81094%
50X$5$50,0000 of 2$30,29597%
Blazin' Hot Crossword$3$25,0001 of 3$178,81776%
Blazing Suits$10$100,0001 of 2$733,60060%
Capital Fortune$30$680,0002 of 3$5,606,64033%
Cash$5$50,0001 of 2$291,59579%
Cash Up$2$5,0001 of 3$64,27985%
Combo Play$3$25,0001 of 3$345,10651%
Dia de los Muertos$2$10,0001 of 2$219,58452%
Double Deuces$2$5,0002 of 4$244,48746%
Easy Money$2$5,0002 of 3$280,77639%
Electric Deuces$2$5,0001 of 6$100,96977%
Electric Diamonds $20$250,0001 of 2$1,275,60069%
IN THE MONEY$10$100,0001 of 2$1,327,06023%
KING OF CASH MULTIPLIER$20$250,0002 of 2$3,373,71012%
Lucky Bucks$1$1,0004 of 10$157,99555%
Lucky Fortune$5$50,0000 of 2$57,40592%
Lucky Loot Bingo$3$25,0002 of 2$472,08335%
Mad Money$1$1,0001 of 10$70,31079%
Make It Rain$5$50,0000 of 2$18,15097%
Queen And King of Hearts$5$50,0001 of 2$545,11558%
Radio One$5$40,0001 of 2$187,47080%
Red Hot 5s Doubler $5$50,0001 of 2$683,25517%
Red Hot Double Doubler$1$1,0005 of 5$332,4148%
Sapphire 7's$2$5,0004 of 6$366,69821%
Slingo$3$30,0001 of 3$248,53964%
Suits$2$4,0002 of 6$106,04677%
Super 7-11-21$2$7,0000 of 2$10,95195%
Washington Capitals® 2018 Stanley Cup Champions™$5$50,0000 of 2$30,85097%
Washington Nationals ®$5$50,0001 of 2$156,87591%
Washington Touchdown$5$50,0001 of 2$246,70082%

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