Arizona State Lottery

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Scratch Games in Arizona

Game NameTicket CostTop PrizeTop Prizes RemainingTotal Prize $ Remaining% Sold
$1,000 Jackpot$1$1,00015 of 15$2,118,0734%
$1,000 Loaded$10$100,0004 of 9$5,344,14072%
$10,000 Jackpot$2$10,00010 of 10$3,653,0174%
$100 Loaded$2$10,0001 of 9$876,73574%
$100,000 Crossword$10$100,00011 of 24$23,053,49051%
$100,000 Jackpot$10$100,00010 of 10$16,827,6457%
$215 Million Cash Explosion$20$100,00011 of 15$333,695,06022%
$40 Million Mega Bucks$20$100,00025 of 50$53,838,58047%
$50,000 Cash Cow$5$50,0001 of 8$1,892,03076%
$50,000 Jackpot$5$50,00010 of 11$10,486,2757%
$500 Loaded$5$50,0002 of 10$2,350,35078%
100X$30$3,500,0001 of 4$9,497,18093%
Big Bang Bingo$5$50,0004 of 15$2,946,61080%
Bingo Blockbuster$5$50,0009 of 16$9,861,79049%
Blackjack Attack$2$10,0005 of 8$1,479,67051%
Block-O$3$20,0001 of 11$884,41881%
Crossword$2$10,00013 of 40$5,419,68666%
Crossword Celebration$10$100,0007 of 21$4,224,05088%
Crossword Corner Cash$3$20,00011 of 21$5,855,88356%
Double Your Money$5$50,0006 of 11$5,284,83554%
Hidden Cash$3$20,00013 of 13$5,667,7675%
Joker`s Wild Crossword$5$50,0002 of 17$2,831,52583%
Jumbo Bucks$10$100,0005 of 8$9,788,68033%
Millionaire Maker$30$1,000,0009 of 10$155,364,0809%
Money Maker$5$50,00010 of 11$9,061,11520%
Monopoly$5$50,0007 of 12$7,614,14535%
Mystery Key Crossword$5$50,00016 of 30$16,509,00051%
ONE MILLION NOW$30$1,000,0004 of 8$54,423,80060%
Power 8s$5$58,0002 of 8$706,57092%
Power Shot Multiplier$10$100,0002 of 8$4,437,85571%
Quick Win Bingo$2$10,0001 of 16$1,528,45380%
Red Ball Tripler$2$10,0007 of 8$2,520,88820%
Red Hot 7s$2$7,77710 of 21$3,344,00847%
Red Line Bingo$2$10,00010 of 24$6,823,62744%
Scratch & Match$2$10,0001 of 8$1,104,22662%
Super Mega Crossword$25$500,0002 of 5$5,004,44581%
Triple Bonus Crossword$25$500,0003 of 6$9,286,63574%
Triple Red 7`s$10$100,0003 of 15$5,118,00081%
Twisted$3$20,0002 of 13$1,364,38775%
Ultimate Millions$30$200,0005 of 7$139,962,34032%
Wild Doubler$1$1,0005 of 11$698,88554%
Win Big$10$100,0002 of 8$2,223,84583%

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