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Top Prizes

Going after that $10 Million jackpot?
Would you buy a ticket if you knew all the prizes were gone?

ScratcherJack works constantly so that you don't have to: you will know exactly which games still have top prizes and which ones are sure losers.

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All the odds

Are you the type to crunch the numbers?
Would you go for the game with the best odds to win?

ScratcherJack constantly monitors and calculates odds for ALL prizes in ALL games. You'll know exactly which games have profitable prizes so you can WIN MORE in the long run.

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Working while you sleep

Always Working For You

ScratcherJack's systems gather information constantly: 24 hours a day.

Data is processed and analyzed through our proprietary algorithms to give you the most advanced analtyics available anywhere.

Easy to Use

You don't have to be a math wizard to figure out which tickets are best to buy.

The app offers simple navigation so you can quickly find all of the information you could possibly need.

Instant Alerts

You don't have to worry about missing good buys or buying bad tickets.

Gold Subscribers get daily text messages about their chosen games. Platinum Subscribers also get instant alerts about significant changes.

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    Get Alerts and Analytics

    When you subscribe to a monthly plan, you'll get the full power of ScratcherJack's tracking algorithms and you'll be able to see which games are the best buys.

    You'll also get daily text messages about the changes in odds in the games you follow, and the overall best buys in your state.

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    Start Winning

    You'll have the confidence to buy the best tickets, knowing exactly which ones have the best chance to win, and which tickets to avoid.


For the price of a ticket...

By NOT buying one dead ticket you'll make your subscription fee back instantly.

    Access to Site
    No Game Rankings
    No Prize Analytics
    No Game Follows
    No Alerts
    No Instant Alerts
GOLD $4.99/month
    Access to Site
    Game Rankings
    Prize Analytics
    2 Game Follows
    2 Daily Alerts
    No Instant Alerts
PLATINUM $9.99/month
    Access to Site
    Game Rankings
    Prize Analytics
    Unlimited Game Follows
    Unlimited Daily Alerts
    Instant Alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really FREE?

Yes. There are differences between the free and paid plans. You'll be able to see most of the stats for games with your free plan.

But, you'll need a monthly subscription plan to access the detailed analytics and rankings for the games in your state. With a monthly plan, you'll be able to tell instantly which games are the best to buy, and which ones you shouldn't waste money on. You will also get text message alerts about which games to buy and major changes in odds.

Which states are available?

Most states have waiting lists for subscribers, but we currently have subscriptions available in the following states:

California, Connecticut, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington

If you'd like us to let you know when spots open up in your state, signup for the standby list in the app.

Can I change my plan later?

You will always be able to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. You can see all the subscription details in our Terms of Service.

Can't I just look at my state's lottery website?

While some states do offer limited information on their websites, what you can get is just a broken snapshot at any one time.

ScratcherJack collects data on ALL scratch games in ALL states with games - constantly. We have built the most advanced network for scratch ticket analysis in the world and we leverage data across all games to provide you with the best information possible. You simply could not do this by yourself.

Additionally, when the games you follow change, alerts will go directly to your phone so that you don't have to do any work to know when it is the best time to buy.

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